Sunday, January 1, 2012

Messages between Hannah and I

Me: let's play wiu!
Hannah: u spelled wii wrong.
Me: I know
Hannah: oui, oui u did
Me: I know
Hannah: it's getting really annoying how you say "I know"
Me: I know
Hannah: DUDE!!!!

Hannah: I am on a bus. But not just any kind of bus... A SCHOOL BUS!!! Ask mom if i was supposed to take the bus please!

Hannah:How's facebook going? What? You think i'm creepy? ur right.
Me: hahahahaha
Hannah: Lis! (laugh in silence)

Me: didn't you say you wanted to see breaking dawn?
Hannah: yeah!(sarcasm voice) no. I heard it's really inapropiet. Did i spell that right?
Me: eh it's not too bad and yeah you did lol
Hannah: We could say we were going to a movie, go to cold stone, and eat as much ice cream as we can in 2 hours.
Me: YEAH!!!
Hannah: we'd gain, like, 50 pounds
Me: let's do it!
Hannah: Let's make that plan B.

Hannah: I'm peeing...
Me: uh ew
Hannah: Quacala! That's gross in spanish... I think.
Me: no I don't think that's it
Hannah: Our spanish teacher said so, i just did'nt spell it right.
Me: okay well u almost done?
Hannah: Give me 7 1/2 minutes.

Hannah: where are you? How many cookies are left?!
Me: 0
Hannah: I really hope that's sarcasm.
Me: It is.
Hannah: ..was THAT sarcasm?

Me: hey I'm here
Hannah: oh My GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: .....what??
Hannah: no.
Me: yes.
Me: yes!

Hannah: we r going to die.

Hannah: when you get this text yell "UNICORNS "

From mom

Just the way my mom texts is funny. Each of these messages were sent about 30 seconds apart hahaha.
Mom: "OMG, cud u plz pick H up @ bus stop!"
Mom: "Sarah?????"
Mom: "Sarah!!"
Mom: " "
Mom: "Yoo hoo!"
Mom: "driving?"
Me: "mom I set my phone down for 2 minutes haha yes I will pick her up!"

Another instance:
Mom: "Is there ANYWAY u cud pik up Hannah & take her to allergy clinic today??? I know u r tired and have stressful homework but it wud help me out tremendously. Mom"
Sarah: "yes I can do that. And mom you don't have to put 'mom' at the end of your texts I know who they're from lol"

Joe, home, same thing

Dad: "Hurry joe we r going out to eat."
Me: "???"
Dad: "I mean home. Not Joe. I wuldnt invite Joe out 2 eat rukiddingme?"

Wow someones angry!

Me: "dad I think your nook is broken! Sry!"
Dad: "RasafrasaFrasarasaaarrrggghhhh!!!"
Me: "can I hang with Peter tomorrow?"
Dad: "We r going to decide based on how good your solo is tonight. Ha ha jk."


Me: "I have a weird pain right behind my belly button :("
Dad: "is David sitting behind you?"
Me: "..huh?"
Dad: "you know, the pain behind your belly button."
Me: "ha good one."
While I was watching football with my dad, my mom walked in. She took a look at the screen and noticed a guy in the stands wearing the jersey of one of the Lion's players, and said "Why is he up in the stands?! Shouldn't he be down with the rest of the team?!"
Oh mom.