Sunday, January 1, 2012

Messages between Hannah and I

Me: let's play wiu!
Hannah: u spelled wii wrong.
Me: I know
Hannah: oui, oui u did
Me: I know
Hannah: it's getting really annoying how you say "I know"
Me: I know
Hannah: DUDE!!!!

Hannah: I am on a bus. But not just any kind of bus... A SCHOOL BUS!!! Ask mom if i was supposed to take the bus please!

Hannah:How's facebook going? What? You think i'm creepy? ur right.
Me: hahahahaha
Hannah: Lis! (laugh in silence)

Me: didn't you say you wanted to see breaking dawn?
Hannah: yeah!(sarcasm voice) no. I heard it's really inapropiet. Did i spell that right?
Me: eh it's not too bad and yeah you did lol
Hannah: We could say we were going to a movie, go to cold stone, and eat as much ice cream as we can in 2 hours.
Me: YEAH!!!
Hannah: we'd gain, like, 50 pounds
Me: let's do it!
Hannah: Let's make that plan B.

Hannah: I'm peeing...
Me: uh ew
Hannah: Quacala! That's gross in spanish... I think.
Me: no I don't think that's it
Hannah: Our spanish teacher said so, i just did'nt spell it right.
Me: okay well u almost done?
Hannah: Give me 7 1/2 minutes.

Hannah: where are you? How many cookies are left?!
Me: 0
Hannah: I really hope that's sarcasm.
Me: It is.
Hannah: ..was THAT sarcasm?

Me: hey I'm here
Hannah: oh My GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: .....what??
Hannah: no.
Me: yes.
Me: yes!

Hannah: we r going to die.

Hannah: when you get this text yell "UNICORNS "

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